Transfer stimulates dialogue between the European trade union movement and the academic and research community. It contributes research findings on issues of strategic relevance for trade unions, in particular with regard to developments at the European level. Transfer publishes original peer-reviewed research on issues such as new developments in industrial relations, social policy, and labour market developments.

Volume 12 Issue 3, Autumn 2006

This second non-thematic issue of Transfer publishes a selection of articles on a range of subjects of current relevance to trade unions and academics.

Across the world, trade union membership is declining and trade unions are studying strategies to attract, as well as retain, members. In the first article, Hans Björkman examines union recruitment strategies based on targeting the needs of individual members or specific member groups. A major Swedish union, Sif, has developed just such a strategy to overcome problems in attracting young and well-educated members. The article reports on this strategy and sets out possible union strategies for developing services and recruitment activities targeting individuals and specific groups of employees.

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