Transfer stimulates dialogue between the European trade union movement and the academic and research community. It contributes research findings on issues of strategic relevance for trade unions, in particular with regard to developments at the European level. Transferpublishes original peer-reviewed research on issues such as new developments in industrial relations, social policy, and labour market developments.

Volume 24 Issue 4, November 2018 

This new, ‘open’ issue of Transfer presents seven articles. The first two focus on the social and economic policies implemented in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The following three articles deal with the emergence of new players in the field of social relations and the implications this has for industrial relations systems. The sixth article analyses the way in which habitus in social relations at national level interfere with attempts to establish a transnational social dialogue. Lastly, the final article analyses the impact on well-being, job satisfaction and stress of management strategies centred on heavy employee involvement.

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