Main goals of this work programme

1. A strategic refocusing of our five traditional priorities, optimising our action along three emerging and rapidly developing themes:

  • A. The ‘cost of living crisis’
  • B. ‘Open Strategic Autonomy’
  • C. ‘Trade unions empowered’

2. Reinforcing our capacity building and learning development activities ensuring to our Education department a leading role in empowering unions

3. Greater integration and achieving a multiplier effect between research and education activities

4. Recalibrating our traditional priorities in anticipation and support of the long and mid-term policy directions of the ETUC

5. Strengthening our understanding of far-right movements and political parties, including through the consolidation of an ad hoc network of experts.

6. Establishing a new transversal working group on collective bargaining and wages.

7. Developing the accessibility of our unique datasets on democracy at work, worker participation and social dialogue

8. Fostering impact and public engagement through a fully integrated communication and publication strategy, and by updating our new website to ensure a full coverage of our activities.

9. Reinforce our Trade Union Research Institutes and Trade Union Training Centres and Schools Network networks, including through ad hoc exchanges and projects with participating national trade union research and training centers.

10. Institutionalising further dialogue and cooperation with ETUFs.

Table of contents

ETUI Work Programme 2023-24.pdf