The next time you see an attractively packaged food product in a supermarket or an advertisement, take a moment to think about all the links in the chain that that product passed through to get to you. To help stimulate the thought process, this special report offers you an insight into the daily lives of the food chain workers, who are sometimes forced to take disproportionate risks to meet our needs for food. To whet your appetite, Tony Musu sits down with the General Secretary of EFFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions) to discuss the future of the European agricultural model, providing us with some pointers for a much-needed update. Next, Bethany Staunton takes a hard look at the meat industry and the catastrophic impact of Covid-19 on workers, which prompted Germany’s legislature to introduce a ban on subcontracting. Berta Chulvi and Tania Castro investigate the working conditions of seasonal migrant labourers working for agri-food producers in Spain. Hugo Boursier and Sadak Souici report on fishing, from the lowering to the hauling in of the nets, with the only fisherwoman in Lorient, France. We stay offshore with Angelo Ferracuti for a very moving article remembering the Italian fishermen who have perished at sea. Laura-Maria Ilie and Florentin Cassonnet look into the situation of Romania’s small farmers, who are facing up to strong competition from European supermarkets. Bianca Luna Fabris tells us about the day-to-day lives of bicycle couriers in the United Kingdom who earn a meagre wage while now also having to deal with the virus. Lastly, Louise Pluyaud meets disabled workers in the catering sector, and the restaurateurs who are doing things differently to support them. We look forward to hearing your views. Bon appétit!

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