Decoupling greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from GDP growth: a net zero-carbon economy by 2050 is still possible without giving up economic growth

In December 2018, 196 countries and the European Union signed up to the ‘Katowice Climate Package’ to operationalise the climate change regime set out by the Paris Agreement.  The rulebook (a single set of rules for all countries) adopted to underpin its implementation was necessary for the Paris Agreement to enter force in 2020. This step constituted the absolute minimum to keep the global climate policy ambition set out in Paris alive, but the COP24 in Katowice fell short of producing more ambitious climate pledges in order to collectively meet the temperature goals of the Paris Agreement. Several dozen countries and the EU, as members of a ‘High Ambition Coalition’, pledged to ‘step up’their climate policy ambition by 2020.

more information in Benchmarking Working Europe 2019 chapter 1 'Macroeconomic developments in Europe: tackling the growth, inequality and climate change challenges'