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Job quality in turbulent times

This paper presents the latest results of the European Job Quality Index, updated with 2021 data, and compares the relative performance of EU countries on the Index over time. The study makes both a conceptual and an empirical contribution, by proposing an approach to measuring job quality suitable for comparative cross-national research, as well... Find out more

The European Commission’s legislative proposals on reforming the EU economic governance framework: a first assessment

Policy pointers The proposed economic governance rules should match the elevated importance they attribute to public investment, with fewer constraints on Member States to undertake the necessary investment to meet pressing common priorities, such as the just green transition and upward social convergence. More flexible safeguards on net public... Find out more

Transformative ideas - ensuring a just share of progress for all

This edited volume explores the need for a transformative approach to envisioning a just social and economic model. A cross-disciplinary team of academic experts was formed to develop this approach, with the aim of proposing concrete policy ideas that are both transformative and original. While these ideas should not be contingent on a... Find out more

Working apart : Polarisation driven by widening firm gaps and outsourcing

The labour market position of the lower skilled is increasingly under pressure in most high income countries. Their bargaining position is declining under the twin pressures of globalisation and technological change; and they are at risk of losing access to better positions as firms’ pay and conditions arrangements increasingly drift apart. These... Find out more

Marta Andhov, Andrea Biondi, Luca Rubini

Regulating for a sustainable and resilient single market

The single market currently sits at the centre of the European economic integration project and plays a key role in the EU processes of political and social integration.This centrality would have been purely totemic had it not been for the inherent success and resilience of the European integration project. Over the past 30 years, the single market... Find out more

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August 30, 2021

How fit is Next Generation EU in addressing the challenges ahead?

Now that the summer is coming to an end and most of us are back at work, we hope to return to a typical working year – one in which the virus is under control, and we can welcome you again to our... Find out more