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Response measures to the energy crisis: policy targeting and climate trade-offs

Were national response measures to the energy crisis targeted, and were they social and climate friendly? These are the main questions addressed by this book, which examines whether and how short - term national responses to the cost of energy crisis applied social and ecological preferences. Europe has ‘survived’ two much-feared winters without... Find out more

Green Competences for trade unionists: a case-based approach

The importance of education in promoting sustainable development has been widely recognised by the international education community. Crucial to enabling individuals to confront new challenges, education thus plays a vital role in achieving sustainable development. It provides people with the necessary knowledge, values, and attitudes to address... Find out more

Béla Galgóczi, Tommaso Pardi, Wolfgang Schade, ...

On the way to electromobility - a green(er) but more unequal future?

As it becomes clearer and clearer that none of the 14 million jobs in the broad automobile industry will remain unaffected by the transition to e-mobility, less attention has been paid to what would happen if Europe’s car industry failed to keep pace with the global competition in fast-evolving zero emission technologies. A new book from ETUI... Find out more

Peter Nitsche-Whitfield

Beyond economic growth

It is widely accepted that the pursuit of economic growth is becoming increasingly infeasible and undesirable, necessitating substantial changes to European economies. European economic activity in terms of emissions, resource use, pollution and impacts on biodiversity is ecologically unsustainable. In the face of tipping points soon to be reached... Find out more

Elena Verdolini

Interlinkages between the just ecological transition and the digital transformation

Notwithstanding increasing policy and academic debate around the ‘twin’ digital and ecological transitions, there is no systematic assessment of their linkages, potential synergies and trade-offs. Most fundamentally, the full extent of challenges that their interaction poses for the prospects of a ‘just transition’ is not fully understood. This... Find out more

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September 19, 2023

GreenReads: global boiling/flooding – fossil fuel subsidies – fiscal rules reform – green growth?

Off-the-charts, extreme weather events in the summer of 2023 have shocked the climate scientists’ community. While some experts report that their climate models predicted these developments, others... Find out more

September 19, 2023

ETUI Massive Open Online Course: ‘Acquiring skills for labour and environmental justice’

While climate change is posing unprecedented challenges to existing socio-economic models in Europe and beyond, the crisis of welfare systems based on growth, consumption and redistribution calls for... Find out more

September 19, 2023

Social partners’ positions on green deal topics

The ETUC and EPSU on cutting the number of firefighters while wildfires rage across Europe At a time when several Member States are struggling to control unprecedented wildfires, a joint statement by... Find out more

September 19, 2023

IRA one year on – is Europe being sidelined?

It is one year now since the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law. This newsletter has already covered its main features and pointed to the shockwaves this piece of US legislation has... Find out more

September 19, 2023

Trade unions ‘beyond growth’ – what next?

Published as far back as 1972, the Club of Rome’s ‘ Limits to Growth ’ report already pointed to the fact that infinite economic growth is not possible on a planet with finite resources. This has not... Find out more