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Workers on the route

Watch the replay of the launch event Launch of HesaMag#25: ‘Workers on the route’ From the consumer goods transported by ship or lorry and the meals delivered to us directly by bike, through to the trains and buses we take every day to get to work and the flights we book to go on holiday, it’s clear that transport workers are absolutely essential... Find out more

Kateryna Yarmolyuk-Kröck

A case for an EU directive addressing work-related psychological risks

Policy recommendations Work-related psychological risks (PSR) pose an ever-growing problem for modern labour. Awareness of the problem and approaches to its legal regulation vary across the EU. Many central and eastern European states still lag behind in addressing the problem in their national legislation. With a view to adapting working... Find out more

Psychosocial risks in Europe

Key points Psychosocial risks (PSR) are increasingly impacting all industries in every Member States. The effects of psychosocial risks can be longlasting and have both physical and psychological impacts on workers’ lives (such as depression, musculoskeletal disorders or burnout). Employers are under an obligation to protect workers’ safety and... Find out more

Claudia Narocki

Heatwaves as an occupational hazard

Weather-related heat exposure has become a sanitary concern given the wide repercussions it has for health. Both physiological and epidemiological research show that the impact of heat on human health goes far beyond acute heat conditions such as potentially fatal heat strokes. Heat exacerbates the problems associated with a wide variety of... Find out more

Mehtap Akgüç, Ziv Amir, Paula Franklin, ...

Continuing at work

This book focuses on the role of industrial relations structures and related actors in terms of how far they remain relevant in addressing and facilitating the return to work of individuals following chronic illness. While the demographic transition and the transformation of labour markets call for longer working lives and policies on active ageing... Find out more

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July 04, 2022

Work-related psychosocial risks drive health inequalities

Exposure to work-related psychosocial risks leads to avoidable health inequalities that are costly to workers, their families, employers, and society at large. A panel of experts discussed work... Find out more

July 04, 2022

European social partners signed a joint Work Programme including negotiations on the right to disconnect

On 28 June 2022, the European social partners signed a joint 2022-2024 Work Programme that includes negotiations on legally binding measures to regulate telework and institute the right to disconnect... Find out more

June 03, 2022

European alert for defective 3M asbestos masks

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) recently passed on a French-initiated alert to all its European affiliates regarding defective Proflow asbestos masks manufactured by the US 3M... Find out more

April 28, 2022

Eternit trial: fairer compensation for asbestos victims?

Subscrible to our newsletters! 28 April 2022 marks the beginning of the trial against Eternit. The plaintiff Mr. Eric Jonckheere is suing the company, holding it civilly liable for exposing not only... Find out more

April 28, 2022

Eternit: the conspiracy of silence

Subscrible to our newsletters! On 28 April 2022, in Belgium, the company Eternit is summoned to appear before the Court of First Instance, charged with “intentional fault” with regard to Mr. Eric... Find out more