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Hélène Sultan-Taïeb, Tania Villeneuve, Jean-François Chastang, ...

The fractions and burden of cardiovascular diseases and depression attributable to psychosocial work exposures in the European Union

This research project financed by the ETUI pursued two objectives: to estimate the fractions of cardiovascular disease and depression attributable to five different psychosocial work factors, i.e. job strain, effort-reward imbalance, job insecurity, long working hours, and bullying in Europe (35 countries, including 28 European Union countries)... Find out more

Insa Backhaus, Krisztina Gero, Nico Dragano, ...

Health inequalities related to psychosocial working conditions in Europe

This report presents results on psychosocial working conditions and health inequalities using data from the 2010 and 2015 European Working Conditions Surveys and the second wave of the 2020 Living, Working and Covid-19 survey. In brief, mean WHO-5 mental health scores declined between 2010 and 2020, indicating an increase in symptoms of depression... Find out more

Time to act on asbestos

Long regarded as a magical material and widely used in countless applications, asbestos has turned out to be a health disaster. This powerful carcinogen is responsible for the deaths of around 90,000 people every year in Europe, and is recognised as the leading cause of death in the workplace. With the European Directive on asbestos at work... Find out more

Marian Schaapman, Mehmet Koksal, Paul Jobin, ...

Psychosocial risks: a mounting crisis

Re-watch the launch event of HesaMag#26: ‘Psychosocial risks: a mounting crisis' here . ‘If people are unhappy at work it’s because they’ve got problems in their personal lives.’ ‘Only people who are already fragile are affected by psychosocial risks, it’s got nothing to do with the company!’ ‘Ah, psychosocial risks, that’s about harassment right... Find out more

Claudia Narocki, Paula Franklin

Psychosocial risks in the healthcare and long-term care sectors

Work-related psychosocial risks (PSR) are a major contributor to the burden of disease in Europe. The stress mediated health impacts of PSR are evident in the healthcare and long-term care (LTC) sectors and were brought to everyone’s line of sight by the Covid-19 pandemic. While the effects of these risks manifest at the individual level as... Find out more

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December 07, 2023

The OSH Barometer takes the pulse of health and safety in Europe

Subscribe to the HesaMail newsletter here . The OSH Barometer is a data visualisation platform managed jointly by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and the European... Find out more

December 01, 2023

First findings of the Workers’ Exposure Survey on Cancer

Subscribe to the HesaMail newsletter here . The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has published the first findings of its Workers’ Exposure Survey (WES). The WES was developed to... Find out more

December 01, 2023

The changing needs of organisations employing OSH professionals

Subscribe to the HesaMail newsletter here . New research highlights the changing needs of organisations employing graduates in occupational health and safety (OSH). The study in question looked at 101... Find out more

December 01, 2023

The INRS establishes a link between workplace accidents and a company's economic performance

Subscribe to the HesaMail newsletter here . A study by the French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) has established a link between a company's accident rate and its economic... Find out more

November 27, 2023

Deplorable working conditions for workers renovating COP28 buildings

An investigation carried out by the British NGO FairSquare highlights the deplorable working conditions of workers involved in renovating the COP28 buildings in Dubai. The investigation shows that... Find out more