HesaMag 13 - Construction workers at the mercy of social dumping

Besides the challenge of combatting social dumping, the special report addresses other major concerns for building workers and their unions: the continuing exposure to asbestos, women's access to this industry and improving the safety of construction machinery.

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Editorial: Occupational cancers: from outrage to action

Imagine if an airplane crashed onto the runway of a European airport every day. After a few weeks, the situation would become politically... Find out more

Denis Grégoire

"My real priority is to build a bridge from workers to policy makers."

In October 2015 Esther Lynch took over responsibility for occupational health and safety issues at the European Trade Union Confederation... Find out more

Working conditions in construction: a paradoxical invisibility

Every day we pass a building site. The work being carried out can seem rather mundane: who has not done some painting, plastering or odd... Find out more

Jan Cremers

Construction labour, mobility and non-standard employment

Construction industry workers were long regarded as enjoying not unfavourable working conditions. While their work was hard, the rewards... Find out more

Rachel Knaebel

Posted workers: "You always have to fight to get paid."

Poles form one of the largest contingents of European posted workers in the construction sector. What are their working, living and housing... Find out more

Denis Grégoire

Posting of workers: the view of those losing out

Relative to its total population, Belgium is the European country that has seen most posted workers in recent years. How do Belgian... Find out more

Stephen Schindler

Asbestos – Not a problem of the past

Though asbestos has been banned in the European Union since 2005, it continues to represent a considerable threat to the health of workers... Find out more

Emmanuel Sanséau

How a handful of women intend to change the face of British construction

Initially conceived as a short-term project attached to the construction of the London Olympic Park, Women Into Construction has developed... Find out more

Rolf Gehring

Trade union mobilisation for safer construction machinery

Every year construction workers lose their lives in accidents involving machinery. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if the... Find out more

Denis Grégoire

Workers at the root of a bill to introduce a health record

In Belgium, a former union representative has uncovered a cluster of cancers in a telephone plant closed 15 years earlier. The mobilisation... Find out more

Elsa Fayner

After Rana Plaza: trade union mobilisation quickly blocked

After the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, a window of opportunity opened for the trade unions. But it was quickly closed. And although fire... Find out more

Raiders of the inner body

Many chemicals are endocrine disruptors. These substances alter the production of hormones, which are the chemical messengers coordinating... Find out more

Denis Grégoire

The damned of electronics

At a time when the battle for market share is raging between Samsung and Apple, and when new pretenders to the throne are emerging, most... Find out more

Table of contents

Construction workers at the mercy of social dumping