Mesmerised by technologies that can help it live the dream of becoming the world’s most competitive economy yet fearful of a health disaster without precedent, will the European Union manage to strike the right balance?

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Spotlighting the health impacts of work

Health and safety at work gets little play in the media – and then often only at times of scandal or disaster. This sporadic attention... Find out more

Electromagnetic Fields Directive: why the postponement?

The Directive on the protection of workers exposed to electromagnetic fields adopted in 2004 should have been carried into law in all Member... Find out more

Buying the nano-market

Nanotechnologies are expected to deliver big future benefits. Market research and reports have produced a slew of economic predictions. But... Find out more

How to regulate the “nano-revolution”?

Nanotechnology policymaking is an extremely complex process. Safety is key to building confidence and trust, and gaining community... Find out more

Region pins big economic hopes on little nanotubes

Nanotechnologies are a focus of competition between world economies. A race where coming second is not an option for States any more than... Find out more

“People have plunged headlong in without properly assessing the health impacts”

Dominique Lison is a Professor of Toxicology at Belgium’s Catholic University of Louvain. He has headed a number of research projects on... Find out more

Working in the nanoworld: who knows who is exposed?

Manufacture of and with nanomaterials is a growing industry. Workers run a risk of exposure at some stage in the production of nanomaterials... Find out more

Nanos in the human body: medical perspectives and ethical concerns

Healthcare is a priority focus of nanotechnology research, where the convergence of nanosciences, molecular and cell biology, and medicine... Find out more

Why there must be

“The sky’s the limit in the nano world”, is a pet quip among nanotechnologists. But the pleasantry doesn’t just point up the promised... Find out more

Hairdressing and beauty care: European action for safer workplaces

Asthma, respiratory and skin allergies up to and including cancers from handling cosmetic products, musculoskeletal disorders, work pace... Find out more

Jeans, the human cost of a fashion icon

Silicosis is an incurable - but preventable - occupational disease. And yet people across the world are still dying of it. In Turkey, 40... Find out more

Table of contents