This HesaMag issue investigates the impact of new technologies on working conditions and workers’ health and safety in industrial sectors, as well as in intellectual professions. It assesses the consequences of the “digital wave” on workers’ health and safety, in areas where they face psychosocial risks, such as technostress, mental fatigue, burnout, musculoskeletal disorders, and other work-related injuries.

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Editorial - Grenfell Tower, a crime

On 14 June, a 24-floor tower block caught fire in upmarket Kensington at the foot of Notting Hill in London. The current – still uncertain –... Find out more

Fabienne Scandella

Is Europe heading towards the eclipse of 'psychosocial risks' at work?

At a time when no one can dispute the growing importance of 'psychosocial risks' and when the very use of this expression for these risks is... Find out more

Toeing the line. Working conditions in digital environments

Over the course of the last two decades, new technologies have gradually shaped a 'new world of work'. These new working environments are... Find out more

Denis Grégoire

Delivering for FoodTech: at your own risk

You now see them everywhere in the city. Food takeaway couriers have taken possession of city roads. Within less than five years, the... Find out more

Pien Heuts

DHL experiments with augmented reality

The logistics services provider DHL is a pioneer in innovative developments in the Netherlands. Employees at two distribution centres have... Find out more

Denis Baudier

Exoskeletons: taking off the strain?

Seen as somewhat futuristic, there is a certain amount of hype about (powered) exoskeletons in the media. On paper, these devices are seen... Find out more

Barbara Matejčić

In Veles, meeting the producers of fake news

In Veles, a run-down city in Macedonia, a discrete but prosperous sector is booming – the fake news industry. Hitting the headlines during... Find out more

Michael ‘Six’ Silberman, Ellie Harmon, Lilly Irani, ...

Crowd work and the 'on-demand' economy

Ten years ago, university researchers launched a website in the United States giving digital platform workers access to information on the... Find out more

Elsa Dorey, Ariane Puccini

Site remediation at the expense of workers’ health

After 50 years, the Lacq gas field in South-West France has run dry. Before quitting the industrial basin, its operator, Total, is legally... Find out more

Desai Shan

Chinese survivors’ compensation claims following workplace deaths at sea

The families of Chinese seafarers who die at sea face various challenges from labour-supplying companies, shipowners and their liability... Find out more

A kaleidoscope of work

Forty-four testimonials covering so many different situations. Aicha is a teacher in a youth centre; Bruno is doing research in neuroscience... Find out more

A worker’s survival kit: dope!

At the dawn of capitalism on the American continent, the Spanish crown adopted laws with an ambivalent attitude towards coca, a drug in use... Find out more

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The future of work in the digital era