Waste and recycling: workers at risk

The latest issue of ETUI's HesaMag focuses on working conditions in the waste and recycling industries in Europe.

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Editorial - Don't be taken in by false sentiment on 28 April

28 April probably means nothing special to you. It was the date in 1914 when Canada passed an Act to compensate workplace injuries, chosen... Find out more

Where's "work" in the Euro-elections?

Think about it. How many clear proposals to improve working conditions and tackle insecurity have you heard in the European Parliament... Find out more

Learning from Ravenna

Short story writer, novelist and playwright Angelo Ferracuti’s latest book deals with the “Ravenna tragedy”, a 1987 industrial accident in... Find out more

World Cup in Qatar: a real building site for workers’ rights

Almost 20 million migrants work in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. The majority today are from South Asia and many are exploited and... Find out more

Working towards decent "green" jobs in the waste industry

The waste industry is facing many changes due to globalisation and higher demand for waste re-use and recycling. The focus in the industry... Find out more

The fatal dangers of working in the recycling industry

The UK’s waste treatment and recycling industry is breaking workplace injury records. Its workers have double the injury risk of building... Find out more

Working the bins in Italy

The unforgettable sight of Naples’ streets littered with rubbish bags was an apocalyptic image that shows how vital the clean-up jobs... Find out more

EU waste legislation: current situation and future developments

The European Union’s policy on waste aims to make waste management more efficient throughout the Union, treating waste as a resource and... Find out more

"The bottom line is that sorting’s done by people"

Belgium has had household paper and recyclable packaging waste collections for years. The collected refuse was long almost entirely hand... Find out more

OSH in the green economy - a victim or an integrated aim?

We are in the process of transforming production and consumption in the direction of more environmentally adapted products and processes... Find out more

Table of contents

Waste and recycling: workers at risk