This 19th edition of HesaMag, the ETUI magazine on health and safety at work, focuses on working conditions behind bars. To work in prison is to work on the margins of society. To work as a prisoner and to work with prisoners is a very ordinary job in terms of the actual actions and tasks being performed. But the context in which the work is being performed is radically different to the “outside” world. This issue is rarely addressed in occupational health.

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Editorial - Three Mile Island - lest we forget

The events commemorated by a society – and the events passed over with silence – say a lot about that society. The anniversary of the Three... Find out more

Berta Chulvi

What are TUPAs? A trade union tool to reach the most vulnerable people

Though TUPAs are not rebels fighting dictatorship in Latin America, they do represent a silent revolution in European trade union activity... Find out more

Yennef Vereycken, Monique Ramioul

Employment quality of prison staff in Europe: trapped in a vicious circle?

What is the employment quality of prison staff in Europe after a decade of austerity measures for public services? That was the highly... Find out more

Five questions for… Nadja Salson (EPSU)

Interview with Nadja Salson What is the European trade unions’ position on imprisonment? Nadja Salson — The European trade unions subscribe... Find out more

Laura-Maria Ilie, Florentin Cassonnet

Jilava, Romania’s "open prison" experiment

Jilava penitentiary centre, to the south of Bucharest, is one of the largest prisons in Romania and one of the rare prisons of which the... Find out more

Deborah Berlioz

“We are more like social workers than guards”

In Norway, prison guards are employed not just to open and close doors. As guarantors of security, psychologists and guidance counsellors... Find out more

Arthur Frayer, Sadak Souici

An uncertain road to reintegration

At the Melun detention centre, over a hundred prisoners work in the printshop and metal workshop. Here they learn useful trades for when... Find out more

Ann Norman

My experiences as a prison nurse

Prisoners suffer from poorer health than the rest of the population. It is also more difficult for them to access healthcare, further... Find out more

From compassion to revolt: women volunteers talk

Men make up a majority of both prison inmates and prison staff. In contrast, external people working in prisons, who do not form part of the... Find out more

Marianne De Troyer

Living and working under electronic monitoring

Considered a soft alternative to prison, electronic monitoring is an increasingly popular option as it enables the harmful effects of prison... Find out more

Marianne De Troyer

When our work follows us into our dreams… or rather our nightmares

Attempts to improve working conditions apply unusual or even surprising approaches. This remarkable film, created by a film director in... Find out more

Working at from honeymoon to divorce

Although he is only in his early 30s, Julien Vincent can already look back on a long career as an Amazon employee and union activist. We... Find out more

In praise of work on the side

Some books catch your eye first as an object. This is the case with Robert Kosmann’s book in which the illustrations and text combine to... Find out more

When public health comes a poor second to profit

Tobacco causes lung cancer, sugar and fizzy drinks are the primary cause of tooth decay in children, workplace exposure to asbestos is... Find out more

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