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February 02, 2017

An expert compares nanotechnology to radioactivity

‘It is becoming quite urgent to understand the exact mechanisms of nanotoxicity and make a classification depending on the mechanism. Radioactivity or X-rays entered our lives the same way. It took... Find out more

April 26, 2016

Commission will ensure transparency on nanomaterials via a website

The European Commission has told Member State officials that its preferred option for improving transparency on nanomaterials is a public website listing existing information, rather than an EU... Find out more

October 07, 2015

The ETUI hosts a meeting of WHO experts on nanomaterials

On 3-4 September the ETUI hosted the 3rd World Health Organization (WHO) Workshop of the WHO Guideline Development Group on Nanomaterials and Workers’ Health. Find out more

October 07, 2015

A German Institute has published a Code of practice on the safe handling of nanomaterials

The German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety (BAuA) has recently published a Code of practice for the safe handling of nanomaterials in research institutions and SMEs. Find out more

March 26, 2015

Unions sound the alarm on nanos in food

On 12 March, the IUF, an international federation of trade unions representing workers employed in the preparation and manufacture of food and beverages, published policy recommendations on the... Find out more