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Cancer and work: understanding occupational cancers and taking action to eliminate them

Occupational cancers account for more than 100,000 deaths a year in the EU, yet these could be avoided by eliminating carcinogens in the production processes. This edited volume brings together the contributions of 28 experts for a review of the current state of knowledge on the issue, new prevention practices, the evolution of legislation and the... Find out more

Occupational cancers: avoidable diseases engendering major costs for our societies

The primary cause of work-related mortality, occupational cancers cause high costs for workers, employers and health systems in all European countries. But it is the workers and their families who have to bear nearly all of these costs. The revision of the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (CMD), now relaunched, should help reduce the number of... Find out more

Cancer at work: more needs to be done to achieve better legislation

Putting more than 10 years of paralysis behind it, in May 2016 the European Commission officially launched a review of the Directive on the prevention of occupational cancers. The proposal is minimalist but it has resulted in an unblocking of the legislative process. What is at stake? Riky Hesse is a quiet, elderly lady with sparkling eyes. She... Find out more

Jukka Takala

Eliminating occupational cancer in Europe and globally

This working paper presents arguments for a stronger policy to eradicate occupational cancer in Europe and globally. The cancer epidemic is a major public health concern all over the world. There is an increasing awareness of the role of working conditions as a central determinant of social inequalities with regard to cancer. The working paper... Find out more

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October 22, 2020

Chemical risks: are workers the big losers of the European strategy?

On 14 October 2020, the European Commission published its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, one of the cornerstones of the European Green Deal. Its aim is to boost innovation for safe and... Find out more

September 16, 2020

According to Greenpeace, Europe is exporting pesticides banned domestically to poorer countries

Each year, thousands of tonnes of pesticides banned in Europe are being exported to poorer countries. This is revealed by a recent Greenpeace study analysing the export notifications submitted by... Find out more