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FEEDBACK studies on selected machines

European Platforms

Contributing to the functioning of the ErgoMach Platform especially with the objective to contribute to the elaboration of a CEN Technical Report on the Feedback method.

Support to trade unions

  • Supporting ETUC in the negotiations associated to the financing of standardisation work according to Regulation No 1025/2012.
  • European Sectoral Social Dialogue in agriculture: cooperation with EFFAT to improve the design of agriculture machinery
  • European Sectoral Social Dialogue "Woodworking": in this critical area of dialogue ETUI supports EFBWW to improve the design of woodworking machines, in particular against wood dust. ETUI supports EFBWW also in its recent action to improve the design of earth-moving machinery.
  • Cooperation with IndustriALL to improve working conditions in the mechanical engineering sector, within the context of mechanical Engineering Sector Committee.
  • Contributing to the Luxembourg ACHSW Working Party on Standardisation
  • Managing the ETUI standardisation Network

Participation to CEN and Commission Standardisation work

Regular meetings of the CEN Management Centre:

  • Technical Board (BT)
  • Working groups, Task forces (Societal Stakeholders, Effective membership)¬†

Regular meetings of CEN Technical Committees:

  • TC 114 Safety of Machinery
  • TC 150 Safety of industrial truck
  • TC 150 WG 2 Telehandlers
  • TC 122 Ergonomics

Meetings of the European Commission

  • Committee on Standards

Cooperation with Market Surveillance Authorities

  • Contributing to the technical discussions within the AdCo Machinery and its different task forces (agriculture machinery, earth-moving machinery, generic standard issues). This activity is carried out in cooperation with KAN.

Cooperation with the European Commission

  • Cooperation with the DG Enterprise - Standardisation Unit on the topic "Mandates"
  • Contribution to the work of the EC Expert working group on agricultural tractors.