ErgoMach lands on LinkedIn and contributes to two key CEN and ISO Technical Reports.

ErgoMach has today its own open group on the LinkedIn professional network with the objective to share the ErgoMach objectives and attract experts in discussions and exchanges of ideas on how to increase communication between ergonomists and machine designers/manufacturers. Any of the 250 million LinkedIn members can freely join the group, read the news, make comments and post new discussions.

At another level, ErgoMach - given its close links with the CEN and ISO Technical Committees on Machinery Safety and Ergonomics - is currently contributing to two important technical documents.

On the one hand there is ISO/DTR 22100-3 Safety of machinery — Relationship with ISO 12100 — Part 3: Implementation of ergonomic principles in safety standards, elaborated by ISO/TC 199/WG 6 "Safety distances and ergonomic aspects".

On the other hand there is the new work item on a CEN Technical Report Feedback method – A method to understand how end-users perform their work with machines, elaborated by CEN/TC 122/WG 2 - Ergonomic design principles. Feedback is a methodology created by Dr. Fabio Strambi and used by ETUI since 15 years with the objective to improve machinery safety through workers experience.

Marc Sapir invites Georg Krämer - Chairman of CEN/TC 122 and ISO/TC 159 - and Christoph Preusse - Chairman of CEN/TC 114 and ISO/TC 199, to increase cooperation with ETUI so as to promote a better integration of ergonomics in machinery design.