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Jeremy Waddington, Aline Conchon

Is Europeanised board-level employee representation specific? The case of European Companies (SEs)

This working paper investigates whether European board-level representation of employees in European Companies (SEs) is really ‘Europeanised’ or is coloured by the national system of their company’s country of origin. The authors used responses of employees sitting on SE boards to a questionnaire-based survey conducted between 2009 and 2013 and... Find out more

Hans Olof Wiklund

Sweden: regional safety representatives, a model that is unique in Europe

Does Sweden, with its famous "social model", still represent the example to be followed? When it comes to preventing occupational risks, the answer remains Yes. The country is successfully carrying on an experiment which began over 60 years ago. Over 2,000 regional safety representatives, appointed by the trade unions, are making sure that... Find out more

Joan Benach, Maríi Menéndez, Laurent Vogel

The impact of safety representatives on occupational health

Does the presence of union officials in a workplace actually help to improve safety and health protection for workers? To try and answer this question, three researchers reviewed the studies done on the matter in Europe. They conclude that having trade union representation leads to better observance of the rules, lower accident rates and fewer work... Find out more

Isabelle Schömann, Stefan Clauwaert, Wiebke Warneck

Information and consultation in the European Community