Here are all the documents associated to our fifth workshop in Finland.

Programme of the workshop 

Summary of the workshop EN FR

Introductory framework of the workshop by Fabienne Scandella, Senior researcher, ETUI 

Presentation by Loïc Lerouge, academic research fellow at the COMPTRASEC, University of Bordeaux, France, on “Psychosocial risks at work: legal issues in the European Union” (EN version) and (FR version

Presentation by Nina Hedegaard Nielsen, FTF, Denmark, on the FTF’s lobbying for an ordinance on PSR 

Nina Hedegaard Nielsen FTF's note promoting an ordinance on PSR in Danemark EN DK 

Presentation by Hugh Robertson, TUC, on the UK Stress management standards 

TUC & HSE, Tackling workplace stress using the HSE Stress Management Standards 

Presentation by Maria Steinberg, senior lecturer at Orëbro University, Sweden, on “Strength and weakness of the Swedish legislation regarding PSR” 

Presentation by Manon Antoine, lawyer to the Liège bar and researcher at the University of Namur, Belgium, on "The Belgian legislation regarding psychosocial risks: what effectiveness for a pioneer legal framework?” 

Presentation by Renske Jürrens, FNV, The Netherlands, on “Extreme workload of prison guards” 

Presentation by Martin Jefflén, Eurocadres, on the EndStress. eu campaign to advocate for a PSR Directive (This presentation has been updated by Martin Jefflén since the workshop. See pages 11 and 12.) 

Background documents circulated before the workshop : 

Swedish legislation on PSR 

Belgian legislation on PSR 

Table of main psychosocial risk factors and indicators (in EN, FR, ES

Defining the spirit of a Directive on Psychosocial risks - Gustavelund Hotel, Tuusula, Finland, 26th and 27th April 2018