Training date

12/09/2022 - 16/12/2022
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)

The ETUI Education department would like to invite you for the second edition of a course entitled Capacity building training on green competences related to just transition (Network of trade union trainers) that will take place for 14 weeks from 12/09/2022 to16/12/2022 in a blended format (online via Moodle and face-to-face). 


•    To build a network of trade union trainers able to use the ETUI's green competences framework approach. 
•    To build a critical mass of trade unionists on the ETUI’s green competences framework approach in the context of just transition.

Learning outcomes

•    Gaining pedagogical knowledge about the ETUI’s green competence framework approach (5 green meta competences). 
•    Designing and developing learning scenarios (case-based learning) around the 5 green meta competences using the active learning methodologies approach. 
•    Animating a training course using the learning scenarios developed during this capacity building training.


The training will be held in English. 
Target group
•    Eurotrainers or trade union trainers that are familiar with learning design and active methodologies.
•    Minimum 1-year training experience at national or sectoral level.
•    English speaker.
•    Experienced with or interested in climate change, environmental sustainability or just transition.
•    Willing to become a European ambassador on green competences.

A maximum of 12 participants will be admitted. 


•    4 hours/week

•    Participants will be proposed by their respective organisations. These organisations are invited to submit their selected participants before 1st September 2022. 

Background info
•    Trainers working by pair in English.
•    Case-based approach.
•    Peer-to-peer learning. 
•    Mentoring


•    Pedagogical scenarios related to the 5 green meta competences.
•    Access to training resources


Note that this course is free of charge for the selected participants. 
Additional info
“Green competences for trade unionists”

“ETUI Capacity building training on green competences”

“The European sustainability competence framework versus the ETUI green competence framework approach”

The agenda is available here


Individual expressions of interest must be made through national contact persons (see the list here). Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Carine Boon, cboon@etui.org or Franklin Kimbimbi fkimbimbi@etui.org