Training date

(10:00 - 10:10 - CET, Brussels time)

The new remote working realities are prompting us to accelerate our development of E-learning. While we already had a strategic plan for broadening our e-learning offering, we now need to speed up its implementation and make new plans to cope with these challenges.

A digital approach to learning and training involves more than just updating our current e-learning courses: we intend to repackage some of our courses to be able to deliver them online, to create new courses and to develop new forms of training and learning. This digital plan will be combined with face-to-face courses as soon as they can restart.

While our ETUI learning approach is clear, the way we translate our pedagogy into new methodologies is to be adapted to these new forms of training and learning.We view this crisis as an opportunity to “practice what we preach”: strategic thinking, foresight and change!

read our digital learning and training strategy reviewed in the light of the pandemic.