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(10:00 - 16:00 - CET, Brussels time)

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Panel 1

10h Welcome by Vera dos Santos Costa, Director of the Education Department, ETUI
      Video “from Vienna to Brussels”

10h15 Opening Speech by Luca Visentini, General Secretary, ETUC

Setting the scene :
10h30 European frameworks and instruments on validation of competences
Ernesto Villalba-Garcia, Expert on validation of non-formal and informal learning, CEDEFOP
Antonio Ranieri, Head of department for skills and labour market

10h50 Quality assurance, validation of online learning and the need of digital credentials in large international organisations'
Tom Wambeke, Chief of Learning Innovation, ITC-ILO
Eiman Elmasry, Quality Assurance Officer, ITC-ILO

11h10 Q&A

Panel 2

11h30 The national system of accreditation in Malta, and the accreditation process at GWU Unilang training center
Josef Bugeja, General Secretary GWU
James Calleja, Principal and CEO, MCAST, Malta
Pauline Fenech, Head of School – Director of studies at UNILANG training center

12h20 Q&A

Panel 3 

13h30 The ETUC position on the European Skills Agenda and future skills strategies
Ludovic Voet, ETUC Confederal Secretary

13h40 Presentation of the results of 2 ETUI surveys
Mapping TU’s online learning, Fondazione Di Vittorio
Simona Marchi, Fondazione di Vittorio
Mapping TU’s Accreditation and Validation processes
Lionel Fulton, Labour Research Department, UK

14h00 Q&A

14h15 Comments Mariannick Le Bris and Colin Nolan, ETUI Eurotrainers network

Panel 4

14h45 Eurotrainers learning pathway and accreditation system, an EU level system of validation and accreditation
Gabriela Portela, L&D coordinator, ETUI

Marie-Christine Vermelle, Lecturer, University of Lille, France
Lucie Petit, Lecturer, University of Lille, France

Video Eurotrainers

15h40 Q&A

15h50 : Conclusions by Philippe POCHET, General Director ETUI
Closing remarks by Vera dos Santos Costa, Director of the Education Department, ETUI
(16h : end)