Training date

13/01/2021 - 14/01/2021
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)


The European Green Deal (EGD) represents one of the “headline ambitions” of the current European Commission. Through new policies such as the EU industrial strategy and the Circular Economy Action Plan, the EGD aims to mobilize industries for a clean and circular economy. The whole process is not determined by itself but its further development, which is open in many aspects, will depend on legal, political and social choices. 

Full involvement of the EFBWW in the European Green Deal and related policy areas is essential if we want to ensure that the EGD lays the foundation of a comprehensive, inclusive, and participative industrial strategy and circular economy action in Europe.


- To introduce the participants to the European Industrial Strategy and the Renovation Wave initiative

- To debate the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of these policies 

- To develop ideas supporting trade unions in the governance of these policies

- To mobilize trade unions on the participation of workers in the European Green Deal

- To prepare for initiatives in the framework of Social Dialogue  

Learning objectives

- To identify what is at stake with the European Industrial Strategy and the Renovation Wave initiative in woodworking, construction and building material industries

- To evaluate challenges (working conditions health and safety, skills development…) and opportunities (renovation…) created by these policies

- To engage in social dialogue required by the EGD

- To compare national sectoral industrial strategies across Europe


This training is open to EFBWW’s affiliates only.