Training date

10/10/2022 - 06/11/2022
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Deadline for registration

The 3rd edition of the online training activity “EWC Confidentiality” will run for four weeks. It will involve about 8-10 hours of work, that learners can follow at their own rhythm by accessing at any moment the online training platform. Online tutors will support participants during the training.

The idea behind this training is that confidentiality is a tool for EWC members, not an obstacle. This course aims to improve confidentiality awareness and develop hands-on practice over EWC/SE WC confidentiality issues. It helps advance the practical grasp of the EWC/SE WC legal framework and the proper EWC rules of confidentiality. In addition, this training strengthens the EWC/SE WC position towards the management on the grounds of confidentiality.


Once participants have completed this course, they will be able to:

  • better understand & discuss confidentiality rules present in their EWC / SE WC;
  • be prepared to 
    • challenge the ‘confidentiality status quo’ in their EWC; 
    • to objectively assess whether the confidentiality relations are ‘workable’ or ‘slightly overused’; 
    • plan the steps to improve the situation accordingly, if so.

The very practical final outcome and a part of the newly developed set of skills is finding yourself being able to improve and rewrite the confidentiality clause in your EWC agreement.

Participants: A maximum of 50 participants can be accepted. The final confirmation of the participants will be done by ETUI bearing in mind the requirements for the target group, and the “first come, first served” rule. Worker representatives who are considering the establishment of a European Works Council in their company, newly elected members of a Special Negotiating Body or an existing EWC and union officials supporting their members in multinational companies. English intermediate level is required.

Registrations: individual expressions of interests can be done through national contact persons (see the list here). ETUI Education is available for clarification and support (Sylviane Mathy smathy@etui.org ). The participation to this course is free of charge.