Training date

24/01/2023 - 26/01/2023
(9:00 - 15:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Deadline for registration
Leuven, Belgium


Advanced level of EWC Training of Trainers, incorporating also the training of experts, focused on the competence of designing an active-methodology training adopted to legal contents (invigorating the EWC agreement-based training). The goal is to find a common ground between expertise and facilitation in EWC trainings.

Target group

15 EWC trainers or experts (e.g. from the NET, EWC TtT level 1, from the national level trade union organizations or recommended by ETUFs), wishing to improve their skills on the crossroads of agreement analysis and EWC pedagogy and learn from each other in order to provide better training service in the field of EWC/SEWC/ SNB

Registrations: individual expressions of interests can be made through national contact persons (see the list here).

You can find the full agenda here.