Training date

24/10/2023 - 26/10/2023
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The first steps as an SNB or EWC member can be quite shocking and confrontational. Even if you manage to understand each other with a little bit of English, there will be many aspects that may seem rather unusual, quite strange or even totally inappropriate. Colleagues coming from other countries do not only speak a different language, they also bring their own cultural background, their own vision on industrial relations, their habits and their preferences. Some are militant trade unionists; others may be very close with management. Some will be very open minded and willing to cooperate, others prefer to limit the direct contacts to their personal circle of intimates.

This diversity may lead to misunderstandings and even to conflicts between worker representatives. It is important to realise that international cooperation is not a competition of who has the best system or who behaves best. In the end, we are all there with the same purpose : to ensure decent working conditions for all employees through adequate information and consultation. But, in order to reach that goal, we need to develop trust and that begins with a good rapport and mutual understanding.


To raise awareness for the cultural background of the EWC/SE WC members linked with the differences in industrial relation systems, and to reflect on how the company culture influences the course and effectiveness of the meetings. To exchange experiences and improve the international cooperation between worker representatives from different countries

Working languages

Working languages are English and 2 other languages (probably Slovenian and Bulgarian) depending on the needs of the participants.


EWC SC members, EWC coordinators, EWC members


Please see here for the draft programme


Individual expressions of interest can be made through national contact persons (see the list here).   

Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the education officer or administrative assistant running the course (see the information panel to the right for their names, which will lead you to a contact form).