Training date

27/09/2023 - 29/09/2023
(9:00 - 12:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Brussels, Belgium
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The concept of open strategic autonomy gained prominence in European policy discussions following the COVID-19 pandemic. This highlighted the EU's reliance on external value chains and exposed vulnerabilities, while also emphasizing the crucial role of a well-functioning Single Market.

The idea of open strategic autonomy has now been integrated into various European Commission policies, particularly in trade and industrial sectors. The introduction of the Green Deal Industrial Plan in February 2023 signifies a significant shift in EU policy.

Open strategic autonomy entails the EU's ambition to enhance resilience and reduce dependence on third countries in critical areas, all while maintaining an open economy.

This workshop aims to explore national and EU industrial strategies, examining their current status and how they address the need for greater autonomy and resilience in Europe's industrial landscape. Key topics of discussion will include important industrial policy instruments, the utilization of national and EU resources, and innovative approaches to industrial policymaking.


- Clarifying the meaning and the objectives of open strategic autonomy

- Identifying its scope and challenges

- Analysing the implications for the workforce within and outside Europe

- Assessing the EU’s open strategic autonomy industrial agenda

- Deepening the reflections within industriAll Europe on how to respond to these developments

Target group

- Members of industriAll Europe’s Industrial Policy Committee

Working languages

English, + 2 languages, according to participants’ needs.


A draft programme is attached.