Training date

(14:00 - 16:00 - CET, Brussels time)

  • To the members of the ETUC ad-hoc organising committee
  • To trade union officers dealing with recruitment and organising

At the Vienna Congress, ETUC issued its Action programme 2019-2023. In order to contribute achieving the priorities described in the programme, ETUC wants to launch a trade union renewal process, coordinated with similar actions by affiliated in countries and sectors. As described in the Action programme, one of the initiatives planned is to  “develop discussions and projects for sharing of best practices, strategies and measures on recruitment, organising and inspiring new workers to join trade unions, as a fundamental action to defend and enforce real democracy at the workplace and in the economy and society”.

The pandemic has a strong impact on people’s work and life. The situation is far to be stabilized and Unions are in the forefront when it comes to find rapid, innovative and strategic solutions to unprecedented workers’ problems. During the last seven months also recruitment and organising strategies and actions have been impacted. There’s a need felt for starting to share these experiences, analyse them and reflect on how democracy at the workplace can be enforced in current conditions. Better knowledge of successful strategies and actions can contribute to a mutual strengthening of trade unions in recruiting and retaining members.

Aim and objectives

  • to share experiences of recruiting and organising workers during the pandemic;
  • to contribute towards workplace organizing strategies and action plans;
  • To identify good examples of trade union practices on organising during the pandemic which could be implemented in other member states and sectors;
  • to identify further training needs on this topic