Training date

21/03/2022 - 23/03/2022
(9:00 - 15:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Sesimbra, Portugal

The Education Department of the European Trade Union Institute will hold a joint workshop with the ETUC, ‘Thinking about transitions’, which will be held from 21 to 23 March 2022 in Sesimbra, Portugal.   

This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Contribute to promoting, reinforcing and developing the ETUC priorities
  • Cooperate to build a medium-term ETUC strategy
  • Share their own perspectives and to build a common understanding about the main European policies and EU trade union issues
  • Engage in cooperation, team-building and network creation

Working languages: English. The interpretation facilities will be strictly limited to this language.

Participants: trade union leaders with a high level of experience and responsibility. 

The full programme can be found here.