Training date

23/01/2023 - 26/01/2023
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Brussels, Belgium

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in many sectors of the economy. It is at the heart of numerous discussions as it raises technological, regulatory, ethical, employment and policy related challenges. It is likely already present in your workplace in some form or shape, visible or invisible. It is crucial for trade unions to study AI and increase awareness, knowledge and to be le to negotiate it.

To help address the complexity surrounding AI, the course will rely on a series of high-level speakers and use gamification, understood as the use of typical elements of game playing (rules of play, point scoring, challenges, competition, etc.), to engage participants and address AI from a problem-solving perspective.

Please join us and be part of a growing community of trade unionists eager to learn about AI and address the challenges it raises for workers.


Aims of the training

This training course will not address how AI systems work technically instead participants will be able to:

•             identify AI systems that impact work

•             identify possible sectoral risks

•             learn current applications and challenges in playing the ETUI AI boardgame

•             develop a risk assessment framework for trade unions for the service sector 


Working languages: English, French, Italian.


Target group:

Trade union officers or workers representatives specifically working on technology or digitalization and/or AI.

Trade union representatives coming from the service sector.