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Standardization: what roles for the unions?

This issue carries a feature on standardization, an area governed by new European rules since January 2013. The regulations introduce a... Find out more

Stefano Boy, Bart Samyn

A trade union look at the lift sector

This publication summarizes the knowledge and experience accumulated during the six-year cooperation launched in 2004 by the European... Find out more

Ulrich Bamberg, Stefano Boy

The new Machinery Directive. A tool to uncover the changes introduced by the revised directive

The new Machinery Directive adopted in 2006 came into effect on 29 December 2009. It is a particularly complex piece of legislation that... Find out more

Stefano Boy, Theoni Koukoulaki

Globalizing technical standards

Publication date: 2002 This publication sets the European standardization process in its changing context where European standards are... Find out more