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Cancer and work: understanding occupational cancers and taking action to eliminate them

Occupational cancers account for more than 100,000 deaths a year in the EU, yet these could be avoided by eliminating carcinogens in the... Find out more

Marie-Anne Mengeot, Tony Musu, Laurent Vogel

Endocrine disruptors: an occupational risk in need of recognition

This guide, which received the 2018 Prescrire Prize, is intended for representatives (in particular those on health and safety committees)... Find out more

Tony Musu, Laurent Vogel, Henning Wriedt

Cancer risks in the workplace: better regulation, stronger protection

In the context of the announced revision of the directive on carcinogenic substances, this publication reviews the limitations of the... Find out more

Chemical hazards: state of play 6 years into REACH

The special report of the latest issue of HesaMag looks at workers' exposure to chemical risks. Six years after the REACH Regulation came... Find out more